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Night Camo Gear

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  • Image of Night Camo Gear

Welcome to our night camo page! We'll be playing around with this new material and putting up product here. And in the coming week we will have updated and current photos of the production pieces. Pretty busy over here, so we appreciate your patience! Please read below for some important details, and go to 'all products' for description and additional details of all products.

You guys have been asking for some time now, and we finally found a limited source for some material. This is not the normal 500d nylon we use. But a super light weight 30d ripstop polyester. What does this mean, other than looking amazing? Well it means we lose some of the abrasion resistance of the cordura we are used to. But the material itself is surprisingly strong actually! Can’t even get it to rip by hand. We know you guys use your gear hard, so just to be sure, EVERYTHING is reinforced. Each pocket and panel is one layer of night camo, stitched on top of 500D nylon, and the Molle you see is made the same way but with 1000d nylon. So while a hard fall or big scrape against concrete might mar the surface of the gear a bit, it is built as structurally solid as everything else we’ve ever done. 2 layers means twice the material, and almost twice the labor. Everything made available in this pattern will have a bit higher cost, and very limited availability.

Lead time currently to ship is 2-4 weeks, but it will be worth it!

Please note that both chest rigs do NOT default come with a magazine insert. You will have to add one of the options to your cart from the main page, or supply your own.